About us

Your skin is a delicate ecosystem that needs to be nurtured from the inside out. So why do we always try to fix it from the outside, while ignoring what’s going on underneath?

No longer seduced by short term solutions and symptom reduction alone, we’re leaning more and more into root cause health care, and supporting our bodies from the inside out. 

Isn’t it time that skin-care followed suit?

We always see skincare brands heroing surface-only solutions, ignoring the complex world that’s going on underneath. Here at Blossom, we’re saying enough with bandaid skincare. It’s time to go deeper when it comes to supporting the health of our skin.

Combining the principles of psychodermatology and holistic skincare, the Blossom skin-care range delivers inside-out solutions based on three key pillars for optimum health: stress support, microbiome balance and superfood nutrients.

Because healthy skin is #BuiltNotBuried, and true “skin care” is more than just skin deep.